WorkSight: TimeTracker Audit Report

The TimeTracker Audit Report is only be available to Super Managers and above; this report shows you when managers/employees edit existing time entries.

To navigate to this page:  Select Reports > TimeTracker Audit Report.

When you have selected this option the following page will be displayed.

Step 1 – Status Type:

Select the required status type:

  • Active Personnel
  • In-Active Personnel
  • Both

Step 2 – Type:
Here you will select the function you wish to view

  • ALL: All entries created/edited/deleted by managers.
  • NEW: New Entries
  • EDIT: Edited Entries
  • DELETED: Displays when information has been deleted from an entry while editing the entry.

Step 3 – Time Frame

Select the time frame in question.

Step 4 – Filter by Employees:

If a specific employee is not selected; all employees that have been adjusted will be listed.

Once you have selected all your required parameters, hit Submit to view the results.

Provided that edits have been made you will be presented with the list of managers (listed alphabetically by Surname) that have made changes. Select the manager and view the respective changes made.

Employee data is sorted based on the modification date and time with the oldest record on top and newest record at the bottom

Should information not be present meeting the set parameters the following message will be displayed.

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