Raw Genus Logs Report


The Raw Genus Logs Report displays all punches recorded by an employee over the last thirty (30) days. This report can be used by managers to correlate the employees time entries in the system to the entries recorded in the Genus logs.

This is useful in determining if there are any punches that were recorded in Genus, but not sent to TimeTracker due to an error. These discrepancies can then be manually added by the manager or the support team can re-sync the punches for the specific employee.

The report is available to Super Managers only.




  • Once logged in with Super Manager access, navigate to “Reports” and select “Raw Genus Logs”




  • Once logged in with Super Manager access, navigate to “Reports” and select “Raw Genus Logs"


The report offers three (3) ways to search for an employee:

  • First name – Displays all employees with the same first name

  • Last Name - Displays all employees with the same last name

  • Badge Number – Displays employees based on Badge Number

Once the Super Manager has found the employee the select the download button, and a .CSV file will download.

The downloaded file is broken up into four (4) columns:

  • LogID – Internal database reference
  • Date – Date the punch was recorded in the Genus Log
  • Log – Contains details on the punch
  • ClockID – The clock ID that the punch was created at


The Log column is broken up as follows:

  1. Punch Type
    • IN – In Punch
    • OUT – Out Punch
    • BIN – Break In Punch
    • BOUT – Break Out Punch
    • PBIN – Paid Break In Punch
    • PBOUT – Paid Break Out Punch
  2. Employee Badge Number (padded with zeros from the left so that it is ten (10) digits long)
  3. Date and time of the recorded punch
  4. Internal clock ID for the punch
  5. Clock name



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