FLSA overtime exemption status for accounts synced with Prism HR

If your account is synced with the Prism HR product, job titles and FLSA exemption status is based on the current  status in Prism HR. The status is updated on a daily basis.

Navigation to Job Titles:

Preferences > General Account Info > Others Tab

If the permissions check box, automatically synchronize with HRP or Account syncs with HRP daily settings (or both) is on, the FLSA exemption status is linked to the current status in Prism HR.

This means that job titles that are set to NON-EXEMPT in Prism HR, are set to No in WorkSight and job titles with a FLSA status of EXEMPT in Prism HR are set to Yes.



The job codes marked as obsolete in Prism HR will be removed with the sync in the job codes screen. The obsolete job code will no longer be available for selection in the job title dropdown when creating a new hire.

Select Title/Jobs

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