Sierra Wireless Raven Configuration - Using Browser Configuration / config file

You can use ACEmanager to connect to your AirLink device locally or remotely using any web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox).

After powering on the AirLink device, ensure that you have an IP-based connection set up (such as Ethernet, USB/net).

Note: You may need to download USB drivers for the USB connection.

You can log on to ACEmanager by entering in your web browser or enter other IP addresses depending on the interface you select (as shown in the table below).

Make sure your computer is set to the following IP configuration:

IP address:




The default login credentials are:

•User Name: user

•Password: 12345


Once logged in, you can upload an XML configuration file.  The XML file attached to this article contains the default configuration to make the modem work with the AT&T wireless plans.  Please contact support for further help or information.

Sierra Wireless Raven Configuration

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