SalesForce Opportunity with time clock integration

This SalesForce integration allows clients using SaleForce to sync their complete opportunities across to HourDoc time and labor management along with the workforce data with the click of a button, allowing them to easily create locations, timeclocks and employees.


The account administrator will log in to Sales Force and navigate to Opportunities.

Within the opportunities you will be able to view the man power required and the positions to be filled for the specific opportunity.


The account ID that is listed in the URL of the account name will need to be added to Admin screen in HourDoc.

This allows our API's to identify the account.


The COMDATA information provided is used as the unique ID for the Time Clock Badge Number

From here the administrator will then assign the Seasonal Contact to the job and select Sync to HourDoc.

A pop-up will then advise that the record has been migrated to HourDoc as per image below.

As a side note:
If the Account ID is not set, the following message will be displayed when you attempt to migrate records to HourDoc.

From here the seasonal contact will be listed as an employee, and the opportunity will created as a location and the time clock which is assigned to the seasonal contact.



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