New G&A Tips and Commission Module

The Tips and Commission Module (TC) provides a simple way to enter tip and wage data that accompanies
hours earned by employees in the restaurant industry. Use this guide to enter in data and submit that information
to payroll.


Login into the module by going to Use the same credentials you were issued for your onboarding process.
If you cannot remember your information, please use the “forgot password” link. If you still do not have access, please contact
your manager or contact the G&A Partners customer care center.


Choose the tips and commission module to launch the tool:



The tips and commission module defaults to the main page:


From here you can select the pay period you would like to enter Tips & Commissions for:



You will also be required to select a Location:



After choosing a Location, the screen will default to a summary. If any data has been entered at any time for the pay period chosen, it will be displayed here.




To start the entry process, choose the appropriate section by clicking in the tab header:



Data entry begins by choosing the day and the employee.

Move your cursor to the appropriate field and click the box. A highlighted cell will allow you to enter the appropriate value. 



Depending on the settings of your account, you should only enter pre-calculated values. In this example of CC Tips, noramlly a 3% charge is applied to the amount of tips collected. The 3% will be taken out at the time of export to payroll. To accurately calculate overtime values owed to the employee, it is necessary that all values entered be tallied by a daily entry. If an employee earns $450.00 in tips in one week, you cannot enter in $450.00 for the last day of the week. You must enter in the amount earned by day. 


The module will auto-save your data every minute after data entry begins. It is recommended to click the save button every few minutes to eliminate the risk of data loss.


Once all data has been entered in for the location and for the correct pay period, press the finalize button. 


This will lock all of the data and prepare the location for payroll export, a confirmation box will be displayed:



At any time prior to the export of payroll, you may go into a location and unfinalize. This will allow for corrections or updates to data. Once the payroll is exported, you will no longer be allowed to change the data for this pay period. You will need to submit corrections or updates via the payroll correction process.


Once you have completed any data entry in any tab, you can download that information for your records by clicking the export button. This will save the data to a .csv file.



A closer look:


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