Day Off Accrual Report - Balance as of Specified Date

 New functionality has been added to the Day Off Accrual Report within HourDoc.


Day Off Accrual Report


To reach the Day Off Accrual report, select Reports -> Day off Accrual Report:



Select a report you would like to view from the list of available reports or create a new one:




When viewing your Day Off Accrual Report, you will notice the addition of a date field titled "Display Balance for:".




Here is a closer look:



The function of this date filter is as follows:

  • Allows users to view PTO data from past accrual periods, as it was on a specified date.


How to use the new functionality:


Simply select the calendar icon next to the date field to select a past date.



Current date selected 07/20/15.

Note the employees Earned, Used and Available balances.




Select a past date: 04/20/15

Note that the employee now has less hours in the Earned, Used and Available columns





This is because the report now looks at the updated date entered, 04/20/15 as per the example, and calculates the values displayed as per that date.

Thus updating all three fields.




It should be note that the above example represents a report setup with "Only use Day Off Requests that have been used." in step 2 of the report creation/edit screen:



If the report is set to the other preference, "Use all approved day off requests until next anniversary date", then all Day Off Requests that have been created for the Earning Year will still display as per normal.





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