Auto Paid Break calculation

Paid Breaks

The following functionality has been added to the Paid break feature: 


When Paid Break is enabled under Preferences -> General Account Information, the account can be set to the one of the following options:

  • Automatically calculate breaks
  • Manually calculate breaks

Automatically calculate breaks



Checking Automatically calculate breaks option will remove the option to manually start a paid break by the employee in their user account or at a physical clock. When a break is ended, the system will determine whether it was a paid or unpaid break based on the settings in the numerical text box.

The value entered in the text box determines the maximum hours per paid break. 

Note: The auto paid break logic is applied to every break individually (regardless if all the breaks in one shift are over preference threshold).


When Auto Paid break is enabled all options where an employee would indicate that they are taking a paid break will be removed, like:

-Button on the web clock

-Check box on the Time Tracker input screen

The system will then verify if the break the employee takes falls within the allowed time as setup in General Account Information, to determine if the break will be paid or not.

Manually calculate breaks



Checking this option will give the employee the option to start a paid or unpaid break.

The value entered in the text box determines the maximum hours per allowed per day as paid breaks.




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