Employee Clock In Performance Enhancement

To improve the loading time of the Clock in page, we have updated the way we load Jobs/Phases.

Please see the below details on the new page layout.


Screen updates:



  • There are three radio buttons indication Job options.




  • If an employee has a primary job assigned, the text of the first radio button reads:
    • Your primary job: #NAME
    • The first radio button is selected by default if an employee has a primary job assigned.



    • When an employee does not have a primary job assigned, the text next to the first radio button reads:
      • No primary job has been assigned to your profile.
    • The text of the second radio button shows the previous location at which the employee has clocked in.
    • If the employee does not have a primary department assigned, the second radio button is selected by default, the first is non clickable.



    • The third radio button is used when the employee wants to clock in to a different job.



    • When selecting the third radio button, a select should comes up where the employee can select a job location.
      • When selecting a Job that has Sub-Jobs, another select will show up with Sub-Jobs.



      • This can be drilled down from between 2 to 4 levels, depending if a Job has Sub-Jobs assigned.



      • When selecting a Job , and Sub-Jobs are loaded but not selected and the clock in button clicked, the user is alerted to select a sub location.
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