Days Off Request Double Time Failsafe

In certain circumstances it is possible for an employee to have a time entry and a day off entry on the same day.  For example, say a salaried employee that is setup to auto-clock in/out has a time entry on 9/2/11.  If the employee happened to be sick on that day, he/she will likely not enter in the day off request (sick) until a day or two later.  When the manager goes to approve that day, there is a possibility of double time entry because the employee was auto-clocked in on 9/2.  In that case, the manager would likely want to get rid of the time entry and have only the day off request entered.  

There's another possibility where an employee worked a half day and then went home sick.  In the event that the employee was not able to enter the day off request on the same day, he/she will enter it one or two days later, thus creating the possibility of a double entry.  In this case, however, the double entry will almost always be allowed, as the employee will likely only be requesting a half sick day, instead of a whole day.

To accommodate these scenarios, we've created a failsafe whereby the manager is presented with three options upon attempting to approve a day off request where a time entry already exists:

Days Off Failsafe


As you can see the manager is presented with the option of:

  1. Approving the day and keeping the existing time entry
  2. Approving the day and deleting the existing time entry
  3. Canceling (go back to View All Entries screen)
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