Duplicate Time Entry Detection Updated

When creating time entries manually HourDoc checks for overlapping and/or duplicate time entries.  The way it works, is if the system detects any overlap in a time entry, it will alert the manager that a time entry has already been submitted for that time span.  


In the past this error has come up when there was a conflicting "hours only" time entry on the same day of the new entry.  This was confusing to most users because logically, an "hours only" entry cannot overlap with a specific start/end time entry.  Technically, however, the system has an internal value for the "hours only" entry types, which is why the error was appearing.  

We have now removed the overlap error for "conflicting" hours only entries, so you can easily enter exact start/end time entries on the same day as an "hours only" entry.  Also, you can enter multiple "hours only" entries on the same day, if necessary.  We hope this makes your HourDoc experience a little smoother.

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