New additions in Managers Section in HourDoc


We have introduced two new features under Managers section in HourDoc.
They are:

Compare Manager Permission and Copy Manager Permission

How they work:

1) Compare Manager Permission

Go to Preferences --> Managers.

Under each manager there is a checkbox to compare permissions. You may select minimum 2 and maximum 4 managers for comparison.

On Selection, click the 'Compare' button located at the bottom of the page.

On submission, a tabular chart will show containing manager and their permission in each column.

You may even change any manager permission and press 'Update permissions' button at the bottom of page to update permissions of all managers shown on comparison page.

2) Copy Manager Permission:

Go to Preferences --> Managers.

When you select any manager's 'Edit permission' button, it will show permission of that manager.

On this page, just above the permission on right side, there is a drop down box 'Copy Permissions to'.

If you wish to copy the given manager's permission to any other manager, you may select the manager from the drop down and hit the 'Submit Form' button.
This will update the selected manager's permission to be identical to the given manager.

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