Unfinalized Payroll Notification Reminder

This new feature gives you the ability to be notified that  the upcoming  unfinalized payroll is due.

How this works:

Lets create a scenario - There are two departments in your account "Dept A" + "Dept B" and you have 2 types of managers, a "Supermanager" and  a Manager. In your account you have 1 Supermanager and 3 "Managers" (Manager 1 + Manager 2 + manager 3).

Manager 1, is in charge of the payroll for Dept A. The permission is checked to "Receive unfinalized payroll notifications?".

Manager 2, is in charge of the payroll for Dept B. The permission is checked to "Receive unfinalized payroll notifications?"

Manager 3, is in charge of both Dept A + B, but the permission "Receive unfinalized payroll notifications?" is not checked.

The Supermanager creates the payroll, and selects both Dept A + B. He/she also selects both Hourly and Salaried employee wage types.

Both "Manager 1" and "Manager 2" will receive an email notification everyday from the day the payroll was created. This email will notify them that their department is still in an "unfinalized" status and that payroll is due.

Manager 3 will not receive this, as the permission is not selected.


How to set this up

Steps for setup:

1) Go to Preferences->Managers.

2) Select the correct manager/managers that process payroll.

3) Check the checkbox that says "Receive unfinalized payroll notifications?", to activate this for the manager/managers.

4) Click submit.


Step 1:

Go to Preferences->Managers.


Step 2:

Search for the manager and click on the "Edit permission" button.

Step 3:

Check the "Receive unfinalized payroll notifications?" checkbox. 


Step 4:

Click Submit.

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