TimeTracker Report - Filter parameters and Sorting options

HourDoc has added the ability to "sort by" headers in a TimeTracker report. This will sort the data accord to the heading you select in TimeTracker report. Your csv file will be downloaded with the same "sort-by" format you set it to. 

To view this filtering you can either use an existing TimeTracker report or create a new report.

Go to TimeTracker->TimeTracker Report.



Now go to "New TimeTracker Report".



You will find the parameters in "Step 2" of the TimeTracker Report setup

Once you have selected your parameters, set a date and type in a name for the report. Now Click on the submit button.

Available Parameters:

  • Wage type: Hourly/Salary
  • Show/Include Active /Inactvie Personnel Only
  • Show All Records/Show employees with Overtime Only/Show employees with No Over Time Only
  • Sort by Personnel/Departments/Locations/Workgroups/Paygroups
  • Sort by Name/Jobs&Phases/Rate/Regular Hours/Overtime/Overtime %/DoubleTime/Holiday/Holiday Worked/DaysOff/All Hours/Paygroup
  • Decending/Ascending
  • Show all employees/select specific employees
  • Date rage: Pre-defined/Custom
  • Link report to homepage
  • Display actual hours
  • Include Billable Rate
  • Payroll Export
  • Display time entries from archived departments
  • Show entries that are locked and approved
  • Show entries that are not locked and unapproved
  • Share with: Managers/Super Managers

Once your report has been create click on the "view results" button to open the report.


In the report you also have the ability to change some of the filtering options, by clicking on the header of each column. Notice that once you clicked on one of the headers (in this case Holiday), this moves up all the employees with Holiday hours to the top, descending from high to low, or from low to high. (please see the orange arrow to indicate the sort-by style)



To undo the sorting in the report, just click on the header that you selected and this return the report to the original value.

The report will also export with the same sorting preferences that you have selected in step 2 of the report setup.

Click on the "Export to Excel Format" button, the report to export this report to a .csv excel format.

There are two ways of exporting:

1) On the "View All TimeTracker Reports" page next to the selected report, click on the "Export to Excel" button.


2) From within the report, click on the "Export to Excel" button.


Once you have opened this report in excel, you can see that its already filtered/sorted the same as the online report in TimeTracker.


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