New Functionality in Day Off Accrual Rules Page

In the Day Off Accrual Rules page you can now add up to 4 length of service settings as well as accrual rules for each setting.

How to setup/use these settings:

1) Go to Preferences->Day Off Accrual Rules.

2) Looking at the image below, marked in blue shows two length of service settings, vacation and sick.  The arrows shows you the accrual rules that can be applied to these two settings.


3) If you use more day off types than these two defaults (Vacation and PTO), you can setup extra day off types, up to two extra, by click on the "Edit" button under Day Off type Settings.


4) Click on the "Activate" button next to the selected Day Off Type.


5) Notice that those two settings moved up to the top of the list. Now click on the "Activate" button to activate the length of service settings.


6) Now setup length of service setting and also rules for for each Day Off type. 



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