Unassociated Employee Jobs

There is a new feature added to HourDoc, below we will explain what this does:


This feature looks at all your time entries and finds any entries that meet the following criteria: Time entry that has a JOB associated to it BUT the JOB is not assigned to the employee.

The problem with these entries is that they create issues when running payroll, after the associations are corrected these issues will no longer present.

This article will explain how this happens and what can be done to rectify it.


First we need to create the notification:


  • Login as Client
    • Upload Excel Timesheet
      • Navigate to TimeTracker > Create an excel Timesheet
        • select the a department
        • select the date range for last week
        • submit form
        • you should now have a downloaded excel sheet.
        • update the spread sheet with times and JobIDs 
          • note the 'job id' is found on the job edit screen, and this is not the job idx.
          • make sure to assign a job ID that is not assigned to the employee (you can unassign the employee on the edit job screen)
    • Navigate to TimeTracker > Upload Excel Timesheet
      • Use the updated spreadsheet and upload to this file.
      • accept all data until you get to the completed page.
      • you should be presented with an associate error section where you can view employee job associate errors.
        • Testing this falls under the Red Error Box step


Next we see how this is presented to the user:

  • Red Error Box

    • Click 'Unassociated Jobs' in the red error box.

    • Validate 'Associated all selected job errors'

      • ensure checkbox in header of table - selects all

      • ensure when clicking on the 'Associated all selected job errors' buttons that it clears the selected errors (note the same job can belong to multiple time entries - thus clearing multiple other errors that are not selected).

      • ensure when selecting the same button when no items are selected that an error message is displayed.


Here are the available controls:

  • Row Edit Buttons - These controls allow you to manipulate the Time Entry affected. (Dark Blue)
    • 'Edit Time Entry' - displays popup for the time entry in question and allows the manager to edit the entry.
    • 'Associate Job Entry' - clears the specific job error. (can affect multiple time entries)
  • Paging controls - When there are to many errors to display on a single page (Orange)
  • Help Overlay - To explain the features on the page(Yellow)
  • 'Associate all job errors' button (this will clear all job errors) (Light Blue)

Red Error Box Screenshot


737 Dimension Contracting - Missing Payroll Jobs.png
Once these steps are followed the Unassociated Jobs will go away.
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