Colorado Affirmation Form


Colorado affirmation forms will be available to the manager once the employee has selected Colorado as their state on their personal profile.


The Colorado Employment verification law (8-2-122, C.R.S.) and rules apply to public and private employers who transact business in Colorado, and to employees hired on or after January 1, 2007.


There are two main components to the law:


(1) Each employer in Colorado shall make an affirmation within 20 calendar days after hiring a new employee. The employer must keep a written or electronic copy of the affirmation for the term of employment of each employee. 

(2) The employer must keep a written or electronic copy of the employee's documents required by 8 U.S.C. sec. 1324a (commonly known as Form I-9 identity and employment authorization documents). The copies must be retained for the term of employment of each employee.


Requirements for this form to be available:

  • OnBoarding V2 is setup by the WorkSight implementation team during the initial account setup.
  • OnBoarding Form Matrix is setup by the client or by WorkSight implementation team during the initial account setup.


Navigation to Manager Approvals:

  • Login in as manager / owner - only managers and owners have access to these forms.
  • From the home page select Manager Approvals on the root menu.



Note: The employee will not see this form nor will they be required to sign it.


Manager Approvals Screen:

On this screen you will find the following functions and processes:


Filter Function:

Within the filter function you will find:



Requires Managers Signature:

This will display forms that require a manager signature


Manager Already signed:

This option will display the forms that have already been signed.



This option will allow you to filter specific employees.


Managers Approval process:

Select an employee (check box) = can select more than 1.

Selected employees are listed on the left under the progress bar:


Click on continue.

The following will be displayed:





You will have to complete this process for each employee selected if you have selected more than one to approve.

Once the Colorado Affirmation form has been approved a pdf will be generated, which will be available for download in employee documents.

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