Employee clock in/out records not showing in Hourdoc

Hourdoc has the ability to use a physical clock to allow your employees to clock in and out.  One of the steps involved when setting up employees to clock in/out on a device is to link that employee's badge or finger to an hourdoc employee.

This is a quick step that can be performed on hourdoc:

If you go to Preferences -> Time Clock, you'll notice it shows a screen with all your time clocks. You can click on "Current Personnel" button on one of the time clocks and it will load a screen showing all the employees that are associated to the clock. You can then click on the drop down (see screenshot) and you'll see all the employees that have not yet been assigned to a time clock. Select the desired employee name and click "Associate Personnel". The employee will now be linked to the  Time clock and all clock in/out records should show in Hourdoc TimeTracker.

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