Timesheet Entry

Using Timesheet Entry

 To access Timesheet Entry, click Time Tracker> Timesheet Entry.


On the Timesheet Entry page, you are presented with a grid where you can input time entries.


Select the Employee

Click the first box under the "Personnel" column and an employee-selection popup will appear.  Click on the desired employee's name (and job if applicable to your setup) and you will be returned to the Timesheet Entry page.


Fill in the Timesheet

After selecting an employee, both the name and location will be filled in on the first row.  You can auto-fill the rows below by clicking the appropriate checkbox in the header next to the column name.  Depending on what information you want to upload to the system will determine what boxes to fill out.  At a minimum, you should enter a start date and totals hours (hours:min).  In the example below, this employee needs entries created for the week starting 1/23/12.  After selecting the first date, we simply click the checkbox next to "Start Date" and the rows below will populate chronologically.  Below, the auto-fill option is also used in the Hours:Min column.  To clear a row, simply click the "clear" button to the right of the unwanted row.  Alternatively, you can manually highlight and delete the values in a row's cells.


Preview Time Entries

Once you are satisfied with the information entered, click "Preview Submissions" to get a preview of what the time entries will look like.


Confirm and Repeat

If anything is wrong, click "Modify Entries" to go back to the previous page and try again.  If everything looks good, click "Confirm and Submit" and the entries will be created.  The next page asks what you want to do next.  If you are entering more time entries for this, or another employee, click "Return to Timesheet."



If you have any questions, please contact Support by using the Support tab in HourDoc or by emailing

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