How to add an employee in HourDoc

In HourDoc once you are logged in as a manager go to

Preferences < Personnel

Then in the top right corner you will see a list of 4 options, the second option from the top is the "Create New Personnel"



Once you have clicked this option it will bring you to fill out information needed to input the personnel into HourDoc. Any box's with a yellow rectangle next them are required fields. (Please see the following screen shot signifying each section with a red box)






-----------------------------------------------------------Time Tracker Settings-------------------------------------------------------------


Turn on ability to use TimeTracker -- When this option is turned on it allows this employee to clock in and out using HourDoc's web interface. (IP address restrictions can be applied in the general account info)


Turn on timesheet clock - in feature -- This option allows the personnel to clock in using a timesheet to input hours instead of clocking in and out. 


Disable Scheduler on Dashboard -- If you are using schedules for employee's, by default the system will display a scheduling calendar on the employee's login screen. This can create a lot of clutter for some employee's. Checking this box will remove this calendar from their dashboard, the employee will still be able to view their schedule by going to the [Schedule] section located on the top menu bar.


Create time entires by excel time sheet -- This option is not widely used on the employee side due to the information needing be be exact or the system will not upload the hours submitted. 


Automatically deduct breaks if applicable -- If you have the option turned on in the [General Account Info] this option will need to be applied for each employee. *WARNING* This option will disable the option for the employee to take a break from the web interface login.


Allow user to submit time entries off-site -- Allows the personnel to bypass the IP restrictions set up in the [General Account Info]. *WARNING* If this option is checked the user may clock in and out from any where including their home. They may also submit hours via the time sheet as well. *WARNING*


Allow user to edit past time entries -- This option only applies if the time sheet feature is activated. It will allow the user to adjust time entires that they have already submitted. The system by default will not allow user's to adjust hours already submitted, they would need to go through the manager to adjust their time accordingly.


Automatically clock user in and out -- This option requires the personnel to be assigned to a shift under his [associations] section.


Require user to select a job when tracking time -- This option requires that the employee be assigned to 2 different jobs. Once assigned the employee will have the option to select a different job when clocking in on the web interface. If using a physical time clock the employee would need to enter in a job code each time they clock in and out. 


Eligible for paid holidays -- If you have holidays set up in the system, this option will need to be check for the employee to receive the holiday hours. 



Please review the employee's information and set up options before hitting the submit button. Once everything looks correct click the [Submit Form] button located on the bottom left hand side. This will bring you to assign the employee to a location/department and a shift if applicable. 




The sections with the yellow rectangles are required(The section highlighted in the red box). To select a location and department click on the drop downmenu and find the location/department the employee needs to be assigned to. If this is the employee's primary location be sure to check the box labeled [Check if Primary Department] (See the box that the green arrow is pointing at) *WARNING* If the employee does not have a primary department assigned only some of his time entries will come across and he will not be able to receive holiday pay.


Select a shift if applicable, then hit the [Submit Form] button located on the bottom left. The employee is now set up in HourDoc and ready to go! 

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