How to add a Manager in HourDoc

Logging in as a super-manager in HourDoc you can set up a manager 2 different ways along with two different permission sets. You can use the first option if you have the employee already set up in HourDoc, second option if you need to create a stand alone manager.


Super Manager - Access to all information and features in the HourDoc account

Manager - Customizable permissions on a per manager basis. 


Section 1(Personnel is already in the system)

-If the personnel is not set up in the system please continue to section 2


Going to

Preferences < Personnel

Then locate the personnel that needs manager access, then click on their first or last name. Once the general employee setting's page has loaded scroll down the left hand side column and locate the section labeled "Login Settings". Check the box directly below the status drop down and check the box labeled "Grant manager access"





Then lets go to

Preferences < Managers




Section 2(Personnel not set up in HourDoc)


-If personnel is already set up please skip to section 3






Logged in as super manager or admin go to

Preferences < Managers

In the top right section you will see the menu option for "Create New Entry" 












Fill in the information, any field with a yellow highlight next it is required. *WARNING* A manager set up in this section will not appear under the "Personnel" or be able to request time off *WARNING*


Once the information is filled out and you have given them the correct permission level (Super-manager or Manager), click the [Submit Form] button located on the bottom left. 

Section 3(Managers Permissions)

-If you have set them as a "Super-Manager" you are finished!

Find the manager's name and hit the [edit permissions] button located on the right side of the page


This is where we can edit what a manager is allowed to view and edit. By default a manager in HourDoc are not allowed to view employee's wages and can only view reports. In the permissions section we can allow a manager to adjust time entires, approve day's off, view employee's wages and run payroll.



-----------------------------------------------------------Manager Permissions-------------------------------------------------------------

Edit general account information -- Manager can edit the settings and information under "General Account Info"


Edit account billing information -- Manager is able to edit the information under "Account Billing Information"


Manage Holiday/events? -- Manager can add, edit and remove holidays and events. (Holiday's/Events)


Manage days off rules? -- Manager can edit the general paid time off account settings under "Day off accrual rules(Day's Off)


Manage departments? -- Lets the manager add, edit or remove departments (Departments)


Manage Workgroups? -- Lets the manager add, edit or remove the workgroups in the account. (Workgroups)


Manage shifts? -- Manager can add, edit or remove shift's (Scheduler)


Manage skills? -- Manage the skills employee's can have. (Skills)


Manage personnel data? -- Allow the manager to edit the information found under Preferences < Personnel  **NOTE -- Enabling this option will NOT let the manager see the employee's wage information.**

    • View usr./pwd in personnel report and preferences? -- This option has been disabled due to security reasons.
    • View Only? -- Allow the manager to only view the options and information under the employee's settings

Manage day off request? -- Enable this option if the manager needs to approve employee's day off request in HourDoc.
  • Edit entries of finalized payrolls? -- This will allow the manager day off request that have already been paid out on the payroll *WARNING* If you edit or change a day off request that has already been processed through payroll, the system will not adjust the payment to deduct or pay out *WARNING*

Manage swapper request? -- Managers will be able to manage the swapper request which allows employee's to take time off but require another employee to fill there shift. (Swapper)


Manage timetracker entries? -- Manager's will be able to view, add and edit employee's time entries. (TimeTracker)

    • View Only? -- Manager's will only be able to view the employees times, it will disable the option to add or edit them.

Manage physical time clocks? -- Managers are able to add, edit or remove physical time clocks your HourDoc account. (Time Clocks)


Manage jobs/phases? -- Managers can add, edit or remove jobs from your account. (Jobs/Phases)


Manage client tracker entries? -- Accounts with this feature enabled, can manage the client tracking information in the account. (Client Tracker)


Manage Scheduler? -- Managers can add, edit or remove shifts along with being able to post the schedules in the account. (Schedules & Shifts)

    • Manage schedule for all departments -- Managers are able to manage schedule's outside of there assigned departments.

Manage Messenger? -- Managers can use the messenger system within HourDoc to communicate with their employee's. (Messenger)


Manage Payroll? -- Manager has the ability to add, edit or remove payroll. 

    • Create payroll only? -- The manager will only be able to create a payroll
    • View override only, no editing? -- Manager will be able to view but not edit the payroll
    • Full access except add\edit? -- The manager can view and edit times directly from the payroll screen but cannot add or edit the paramaters of a payroll
    • Export payroll? -- Manager can export the payroll from the system. By default the are not able to export, only view and approve. 

Manage paycodes? -- Manager has the ability to add, edit and remove pay codes from the account (Paycodes)


Manage commission? -- Manager can manage and add commissions (Commissions)


View employee earnings? -- Manager can see employee's earnings and wages. 


View bill rate? -- Manager can view the billable rates in jobs.


View managerial report? -- Manager will be able to view reports other managers have run and linked to their homepage


Run reports? -- Manager will be able to run reports in HourDoc.


Show Social Security Number? -- Manager will be able to see the employee's SSN


Apply IP restrictions? -- This option will restrict the manager to only access HourDoc  from IP addressees approved under the general account settings (IP Addresses)


Manage IP addresses? -- Manager can add, edit and remove IP address's under the general account settings (IP Addresses)


Manage employee number (mass edit on payroll page)? -- Manager can edit the employee's number from the payroll section.




Once you have selected the permissions the manager should have, hit the [Submit Form] button located on the bottom right of the page.



This will bring you back to the main managers screen, now locate the manager you have just created. You will notice that it gives you the notice " -WARNING- In order for this manager to be active, at least one Department must be assigned ", if you do not assign them a department they will not have manager capabilities. 


Hit the [manage Department assignments] button located directly under the managers name. This will bring you to the department assignment screen for the selected manager. 





Now hit the [Assign New Location/Department] button and select the departments that this manager needs assigned.

You can select just one department or select multiple. You can individually select departments by holding down [ctrl](command on a mac) OR select several in a row by holding [shift] on your keyboard. 



Once you have the departments select hit the [Submit Form] button and you now have a manager assigned in HourDoc! 

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