ZK Clock Firmware Deployment and Config Update

This article will outline the steps that need to be followed to deploy firmware to ZK Clocks and how to update the ZK Clocks Config file.


 Tools needed:


Download the required tools and files from the below location:

***File attached to Forum***


The file downloaded will be a ZIP:



Extract the ZIP file and make sure all the files are there:




Deploying the Firmware:


To deploy the Firmware follow these steps:


Select the "ClockFirmware_Deployer":



The HD Deployment tool will load:



Enter the IP range that the clock has been set to, in the below example our clock is set to, so our search is between and

Enter IP range then select "Scan":




 The results will be displayed in the table:



To deploy the firmware select the "Upload Nand" button:



Progress will be displayed in the "Deployed" column:



Once the upload reaches 100% the clock will reboot and load into the HourDoc firmware.



Uploading a new Config file:


To upload the new Config file follow these steps once the "ClockFirmware_Deployer" is running"


Select "Upload a new CFG":




A default Config file will display:



The marked sections are where you will edit the Config:



In the red box:

ClockQuestion= - This can be set as follows:

    • B - BIO - This enables the Biometric function on the clock.
    • J - JOB - This enables the users to enter a job when they clock in (optional).
    • D - DEPARTMENT - This enables the user to enter a department when they clock in (optional).

Any combination of the above can be used.


In the blue box:

DHCP= - This can be set as follows:

    • false - DHCP will be deactivated and you will be required to use static IP.
    • true - DHCP will activated and anything entered in the static IP field will be ignored (preferred method).

IP= - Here you can enter a static IP for the clock.

SUBNET= - Here you can enter a Subnet for the clock.

GATEWAY= - Here you can enter a Gateway for the clock.

DNS= - Here you can enter a DNS for the clock.






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