Time Entry - Excesive time warning message

Referring to the " time entry warning - excesive time" message showing up in the "Red Box" in your dashboard.

The reason it's showing up is because your account is set to flag any entry longer than a certain amount of hours (setup per company preference) as a potential error/excessive time entry. That will always be the case because the system can't tell the difference between a legitimate time entry and an excessive.

How to hide/resolve the error message:

There is a way to mark it as approved, however. If you click on the excessive time entries link, you'll see a button that says "Approve All." Click that and the entry(ies) will be marked as approved.

Alternatively you can click TimeTracker > View All Entries and click "Update, Approve, & Allow Excessive Time Entries."

Finally, and for a little more control over what entries you approve, you can click "edit" on that entry and get into the entry details. On this page (see attached screenshot), you can check off the box that says "allow extended time?" and then click submit. That will work the same as the previous two options I described.


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