Timesheet entry not available - Solution

Enable Timesheet Entry option in TimeTracker Menu

The setting that you need to turn on for the Timesheet Entry to appear in TimeTracker menu again:

  1. Go to Preferences --> Personnel.
  2. Click on the employee's name.
  3. Switch on the Create Time Entries by excel time sheet (Check box)


   4. Click "Submit".


The TimeSheet Entry and Create TimeTracker entry menu options have the same end result. The time sheet entry menu options just allows you to upload expenses using an excel sheet.

An alternative would be to advise employees to use the "Create Time Tracker Record". This would save time to go into each employee and setup the permission.

From the "non-manager" perspective, if an employee logs in and clicks on the "Create TimeTracker Record" then it will only allow him to create a record for himself, but if he were to be a manager, the screen would allow him to pick an employee.


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