Vacation/PTO and Sick Time Accruals


HourDoc doesn't have the ability to have two or more concurrent policies in the general Day off Accrual settings, but does allow you to input override rules for each employee, if necessary.  In effect, you can have as many day off accrual policies/rules as you want.

All the settings in this section are employee-level overrides and apply only to the employee selected. If these settings are left blank, the system will use the settings from the Main Account settings that will apply on all employees.


Find the employee in the personnel list. Go to Preferences --> Personnel.


Click on his/her name.


Scroll down to the bottom until you find the override area.


You can choose when this employee will being accruing hours, when those hours will be available for use, and configure length of service settings for any of the day off types listed.

Click "create new entry" under either Sick Time Settings or Vacation/PTO Settings to enter alternate (override) length of service settings for that individual.  You will see the following screen:

Enter in the details, click Submit and repeat to enter additional length of service settings.

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