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Last Updated: 08/23/2012

General Frequently Asked Questions


Why do I get the message “Time Tracker has been deactivated” when I go to clock in?

The original IP Address has changed since your Hourdoc site was originally set up. Have your Hourdoc system administrator update the new IP Address in General Account Info under Preferences.


Why when I log on to clock back in from my break is the Clock Out button faint and doesn’t do anything when I click my mouse on it?
This is the result of indecision by the employee when beginning a break. Oftentimes an employee will click Clock Out and before they’ve been automatically logged off their account, they realize their mistake and quickly click on Begin Break. Since both these punches are recorded in Hourdoc, the system administrator needs to edit this time punch by eliminating the appropriate identical time punch. After this change is made, the employee’s time tracking page will have returned to normal.


Why is the “Export to” button not showing up even though all my departments are finalized?
This typically occurs when the account has been set up to require time entries to be approved by personnel. If so, Hourdoc will not allow the payroll to be exported until all entries are approved by the employee(s). If the employees with the unapproved punches are unavailable and the payroll must be exported, deselecting this option in General Account Info under Preferences will allow the Export button to appear.


Why are not all my employees showing up when I run a Time Tracker Report that runs over an extended period of time?
When running a Timetracker Report for all personnel including those no longer employed, any employees categorized as In-Active Personnel must be temporarily reactivated for their data to appear on the report.


How do I remove all these Tracking Excessive Time punches from the alert box on my manager homepage?
For completed time punches, if the length is allowable, click the Tracking Excessive Time box, click the Edit box for the time punch, and click on Allow Extended Time in the blue box on the right side of the page. For incomplete punches, click the Edit box for the time punch and enter the employee’s clock out time. Both of these actions will remove employees from the alert.


Why don’t all my time punches for the pay period show up in Time Entry Approval when I enter the date range of the pay period?
To review a complete list of all the punches, the beginning and end dates should be based on the Begin and End dates of the Work Week and not the pay period itself.


What keeps employees from logging on to HourDoc from home and clocking in and out when they aren’t actually working?
HourDoc sites are set up to only recognize the IP Addresses coming into the work facility. Anyone logging on to their Hourdoc account from any other location will have access to all Hourdoc functionality with exception of the Time Clock feature.
Note: This setting can be bypassed on an employee-by-employee basis to allow individual time tracking off site.


Can I change my user name and password to something I can remember?

Go to Your Profile on the toolbar and click on Edit Your Profile. The username and password can be updated here. You will be notified at time of submission if you need to choose another because your selection is not unique.


Can an employee work in more than one department?
An employee can work in several departments. Once an employee is associated to more than one department, a drop down menu will appear on the employees homepage that requires the employee to choose which department they will be clocking in.


How can I get a view of who is here and who is not here in HourDoc?
A Who’s Clocked in Today tab is located on the manager’s homepage to view today’s time punches. An at-a glance view of who is clocked in, who is not and anyone that has been granted the day off can be achieved by creating and viewing an employee schedule in Hourdoc. For assistance in setting up this feature, contact Hourdoc customer support.

Why are the employee holiday hours showing in the payroll but not in the export file?

The primary cause for this is that the employee was configured to be eligible to earn holiday pay AFTER the export file was created. What you would need to do to have the hours added to the file is finalize the payroll again and then generate a new export file. It is therefore important to make sure all employees are configured correctly for holiday pay before creating or submitting payroll.



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