Training Featurette - Using the Scheduler and Swapper

Scheduler/Swapper Training


  • Scheduler and Swapper must be activated for your account.
  • Employees who will be using the swapper must have the permission enabled in their personal account (in red below).
  • Optional:
    • Allow employees to swap shifts with employees from other departments (in yellow below).
    • Require management approval before a swap is approved and reflected on the calendar (in yellow below).

Using the Scheduler and Swapper


1) Two ways to post a schedule

    1. Ad-hoc

By clicking on the department name on the schedule, the system allows you to create a shift for just that particular day, and assign to a particular person. This shift will not be seen on the general shift list. It is only applicable to that day and that person.


To finalize the schedule and make it viewable by the employee, click the red light bulb and it will post it to the employees view.

                 2. Using Shifts


To create a shift, go to the Preferences tab, select Shifts and select create a new shift. You complete the form by populating the shift details and submit the form:

You then associate the shift to the applicable employees:


Once this is done, the system automatically creates the schedule, based on the shift parameters that you have defined. Select Current Schedules from the drop down and the schedule (defaulted to your current pay period) is displayed:



2) Schedule must be posted to be of any use.


Click the red light bulb and the schedule is posted and viewable by the employees:



1) Employee A requests swap with Employee B

From the schedule, the employee clicks on 'swap' by the applicable record:


They complete the form provided and submit:


2) Manager approves and schedules are swapped

 To approve the request you go to Swapper --> View All Entries. You then click on the 'reply to request' button:



You then select either 'approve' or 'deny' from the drop down and click on the 'submit' button:


The swap will then reflect in the Schedule

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