Time entries not auto created if day off request approved/deleted

When a day off request is made and approved, the employee is removed from the schedule and from auto-clock in status.  If the days off need to be deleted or removed from the original request, the system will not re-create the entries for the employee if set to auto-clock in mode.  The user will have to go back and recreate / create the time entries.



Originally from ticket #6571.

This is a salaried employee. Why are some of his days missing, 11/12, 11/13 and 11/16? He’s been salaried and this is not just something that was input/changed for the current pay period.

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I ran an audit report and discovered the reason Eric had requested days off for those time frames. It appears that they were approved, which marked him as being taken off the schedule, which is why the time entries did not show up. But then they were deleted. The system will not go back through and auto re-generate those entries, you need to manually do that. (see screen shot)

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