UPGRADED Day Off Accrual Report

HourDoc recently upgraded the Day Off Accrual Report to have a better insight of your employees accruals.

In our old report we felt limited as to how the hours were calculated. Even if we could see how the hours accrue we wanted the users to see a full history and how the hours were calculated.

This new History screen is extremely helpful and its truly a great addition to our product.

If you create a new report it will now display the hours divided neatly into Day Off Types.




Let's start at the top, if your employee shows a "N/A" on the report it means that the employee is not eligible to earn days off. If you would like to enable accruals for that employee. go to their personal account info:

Preferences --> Personnel --> click on the Employment tab --> enable the "Eligible to earn days off" checkbox.



Now on the report I'm using here I have 3 day off types enabled to accrue for employees. So you might only have one section were I have 3. It all depends on how your account is setup. To check this, you can go to Preferences --> Day Off Accrual Rules.

In the screenshot below I'm indicating the number of accruals that I have setup in my account.

To change this, edit the Day Off Type Settings:





 Now let's look at the new features in this report.

Click on the History button for the employee you would like to review.

The new History screen will open and you will see the summary of the hours display according to year and grouped by day off type.



 When you click on a specific day off type the screen will expand and you will be able to view the details of what you selected. Let's look at Vacation for 2012.


Let's look at PTO for 2012:


Using this example you can see that this employee was only eligible to start earning 11/19/2012 and was able to accrue for 1 month before the year ended.

He accrued 1 hour and used 8 hours and that gave him a negative value of -7 hours.

Now I would like to see how this -7 hours affected 2013:



 In 2013 this employee accrued 11 hours (1 hour per month) according to the rules that was setup and accrued for 11 months.

He used 8 hours in 2013 and had -7 carryover from 2012. So this leaves us with -15 hours.

When you add the hours earned (-15 + 11) that gives us -4 hours that will carry over to 2014. 

NOTE: The hours for the current year will show on the report main screen.



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