Time Clocks - Load/Update TFTP Software on Genus

UPDATED 9/18/2015

Here is a link to the latest shipping files.


NEWEST FILE ADDED TO ARTICLE: G1-Genus-4.4.32-Classes-1.0.143-Release-Kit

To load or update the software on the Genus clocks, use the following procedure:
  1. Capture IP address of clock.
  2. Make sure that TFTP is enabled in the "Add/Remove Windows Services" section of the Control Panel.
  3. Load the files onto your hard drive and cd into that directory at the command line.  Files are attached to this article.
  4. Load the files onto the clock using the commands below (in that order).  Wait until the clock reboots between each step!

Genus firmware:

tftp –i <clock ip address> put G1_Genus_v4_4_32 \flashdisk\Genus

Genus classes:

tftp –i <clock ip address> put G1_Classes_v1.0.143.jar \flashdisk\Classes.jar

HourDoc app (note: the HourDocAppNoJob is the standard basic app.  For other options and further help, please contact

tftp –i <clock ip address> put G1-HourDocAppNoJob.jar \flashdisk\App.jar

Note that the file names on your computer may be different than those listed above (including different version numbers).  The names are included above merely for reference.  The names after \flashdisk\ must appear exactly as above and are case-sensitive.

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