onBoarding setup from shell to client

Shell & General Account Setup

The process of setting up a client from onBoarding begins at the shell level.  While editing the shell account, you must turn ON the onBoarding module.  Once that is setup, you can then login to the client account and begin the required setup to make the account available for use.  This includes general account settings, basic payroll settings, location/department info, etc.  For location/dept info, it is helpful to import that when you are doing a mass-employee import using the example.csv file.  This will automatically setup locations and departments for you.



Once the basic setup is done (or during) go to the General Account Info and activate onBoarding by click the appropriate check box.  Submit the form, and onBoarding is now activated.  You may also check another box to activate onBoarding for all new personnel (any new employees created from that point or on that day will be setup for onBoarding automatically).  


Employee Activation

After onBoarding is activated, you will need to turn it on for specific employees, unless they are created from scratch in (or as indicated above by turning it on for all new employees).  To do this, you go into the employee general preferences and click the checkbox to allow onBoarding access.  Once an employee is allowed onBoarding access, they will be required to complete the process before they are allowed to clock in with HourDoc.  If the client does not use HourDoc, they will need to make sure their employees complete onBoarding in a timely manner, in accordance with hiring practices and the law.


Manager Setup

To setup managers in onBoarding (i.e. those who will setup employees and verify I-9s), you need to first create an employee account with manager access granted (setup in HourDoc).  Also, be sure to allow onBoarding access for this new employee.  Once those two steps are complete, you can go into the Managers preferences and input department assignments or setup as a super manager with access to all employees.  Click edit permissions and be sure the manager has permissions to manage onBoarding.  You may also need to click "skip personal verification..." if the manager is not required to go through the onBoarding process him/herself.  Additionally, if the manager is not a super manager, you can give him/her the ability to approve I-9's company-wide, in the event that this manager is an HR rep who needs to be able to verify all I-9s in the company. After saving the manager changes, he/she will be able to login to as a manager by clicking "Manager login."


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