DRAFT - onBoarding process overview


Employee Process

  1. Employee logs in to 
  2. Employee goes through each form and fills out the required information, then either submits the form, or signs, then clicks "confirm and proceed." 
  3. After the employee has filled out all the forms, they are presented with a summary page that shows a listing of completed forms, along with a big "finalize and lock" button. Once clicked, this button locks the documents so the employees cannot change them (without manager intervention).
  4. At this point, the employee I-9 is ready for manager verification

Manager Process

  1. Login to as a manager and create a new employee (click "create new personnel")
  2. Give (or email) the user credentials to the employee
  3. Wait for employee to fill out forms and "finalize"
  4. Login to onBoarding as a manager and click the finalized employee's name in the "Pending I-9" section
  5. Fill out the required information for Step 2 on the I-9, sign, and confirm and proceed
  6. The employee onBoard has been successfully completed. e-Verify will be done either by you or G&A (I'm not sure what your agreement is).
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