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The OnBoarding system is used to gather new employee information electronically rather than on paper.  The process begins with the manager, who creates the new employee record.  The employee then logs into OnBoarding and completes the various forms, at which point the manager can then verify the I-9 with the appropriate documentation.  After the manager verifies the I-9, the process is completed from the manager perspective.  Let's take a look at the process a little more in depth.

Manager Login

The OnBoarding system can be used on any computer, including tablets like the iPad.  Navigate to  You will be presented with a login screen where you can enter your credentials.  If you have not received login credentials, click "Forgot Your Password" and enter your email address and, if your email address is registered in our system, your credentials will be sent to you.  Otherwise, you will need to contact to obtain your credentials.

With your credentials entered, be sure to check the "Manager Login" checkbox, and then click "Sign In" to login to the manager portal.


Creating a New Employee

Once signed in, you will see the OnBoarding manager portal.  The left side of the screen shows a listing of employee to which you are assigned.  The list is sorted alphabetically by last name and you can navigate through the list using the alphabet bar above the listing area.  To the right of the listing area, there are a couple of sections, the most important of which is called "Pending I-9 Forms for Approval."  This list shows you all employees who have completed/finalized the OnBoarding process, but have not had their I-9 form approved by a manager.  Once approved, the employees will no longer show up in this list.

To create a new employee, click the "Create New Personnel" button found near the upper-right hand area of the screen.


This brings you to a new screen where you enter in pertinent employee information as seen below.  It is important that you enter in a valid email address for the employee in order to send his/her login credentials.  Otherwise, you will need to make a note of the login credentials and give them to the employee yourself.  Also, if a valid email address is entered, you have the option to email the Employee Handbook to the employee for review before he/she begins the OnBoarding process.


Once you have filled out the required information, you can click the Submit button and the employee record will be created.  At that point, the employee can login to the OnBoarding system and begin filling out the forms.  If you happen to be using the same computer that the employee will be using, be sure to Logout before allowing the employee to use the computer.

When the employee has "finalized" his/her documents, you will receive an email notification to that effect, letting you know that the I-9 form is ready for approval.  At this point, you can log back in to your manager portal (as outlined above) and begin filling out Step 2 of the I-9.

Verifying the I-9

After the employee finalizes his/her OnBoarding documents, the I-9 is ready to be manager-verified.  To verify the I-9 for an employee (complete Step 2 on I-9), you need to login to OnBoarding as a manager and click the employee name under "Pending I-9 Forms for Approval."  You will then be presented with the I-9 form that the employee filled out.  You can scroll down to Step 2 and begin filling out the required information with the appropriate documentation.  Once you have filled out this information, click "Sign" to digitally sign your name.  Then click "Confirm and Proceed" to finish the process.


The employee name will now disappear from the "Pending I-9" list.  If you don't find the employee name in this list one of two things is possible: 1) The employee was setup by a higher-level manager to the wrong department (or you are not setup to manager that department), or 2) the employee has not finalized OnBoarding.  In the first case, note that in your manager portal, you will only see those employees which you are a manager over.  So, if the employee was setup under a department you don't have access to, you will not see the employee.  In the second case,  you should check the employee listing section (left part of the screen), find the employee in the list, and see what documents he/she is missing or if they have not yet finalized.  The employee will need to login and finish the required parts before you can verify the I-9.


Following the steps above, you should be able to create a new employee record and verify the I-9 (complete step 2) of that employee.  If you have any questions about the process or if you experience a technical issue, please contact

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