Employee onBoarding Instructions

G&A Partners onBoarding Instructions

After receiving your username and password combination, you can login to the onBoarding website by going to For best results, use Internet Explorer or Safari.

Step 1 – Personal Information

Once logged in, you will be taken directly to Step 1 – Personal Info:


Fill out as much information as possible on this page and click Submit to continue.  Note that the fields with an orange bar at their left are required.

Step 2 – Form W-4

As its name indicates, this step requires you to fill out your Form W-4 for federal tax withholding purposes.  You will see a screen like this:


Use the Personal Allowances worksheet to populate Lines H and 5.  Alternatively, you can leave these fields blank and directly enter a value on Line 5.  If you have any questions about allowances consult your manager or HR representative.  Select a marital status for filing, enter any additional withholding amount if desired, and click “Sign” to digitally sign the W-4 document.



After signing, a digital signature will appear. This is a computer-generated signature that is equally as binding and authoritative as an ink-on-paper signature. Once signed, click “Confirm and Proceed” to continue to the next step.

Steps 3 – 6 – Employment Related Forms

Steps 3 – 6 simply require you to read through and sign. Step 5 is pictured below:


Scroll down and read through each of the pages in Steps 3 – 6 and Sign and Confirm each Step, as you did in Step 2.

Step 7 – Direct Deposit

This step asks you to fill out direct deposit information for payroll purposes. It is pictured below:


Select “First Time Setup” and read and agree to the conditions below.  Enter your account number followed by your routing number.  You will notice that upon entering a valid routing number, your bank name will be displayed—you cannot edit the bank name.  Select type of account and enter an allocation percentage amount—you can leave it blank or enter 100 if you only have one bank listed.  For two or more banks, the percentages must add up to 100.  Sign the form and Confirm to continue.

Step 8 – Form I-9

Form I-9 requires you to select your citizenship status:


Click the appropriate field and, if applicable, fill out the Alien or Admission # and expiration date. Scroll down and Sign and Confirm to continue.

Step 9 – Wage Agreement

The Wage Agreement is similar to the forms in steps 3 through 6; you simply need to read and sign, indicating that you agree.  Confirm to continue.


Step 10 – Summary and Finalize

This step shows the status of all documents required for onBoarding purposes. When completed and signed, a document will have a green check next to it as shown below:


If any document shows as incomplete, click the step number to revisit that section.  When step numbers have green checks next to them, you can freely revisit any section to edit or update information.  Each time you revisit a section, you are required to resign and confirm the document.  Once you have reviewed your information, click the big folder icon to “Finalize and Lock” your documents. 

Once Finalized, a lock icon shows up next to the step numbers. This indicates that you can no longer make any changes to your documents. At this point an email will be sent to your manager and G&A Partners indicating that you have finished onBoarding and that your I-9 is ready to be verified.

If you have any questions contact your manager or

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