Downloading the Master Import File for Prism HR

The Master Import File (MIF) is used to import newly-onboarded employees into Prism HR.  The file lists a unique employee entry on each line.  To download the MIF, you need to login to view the Payroll Clients listing.  Once you have logged in to HourDoc, go to Preferences > Payroll Clients.  On this page, you'll see a drop down titled "Export HRP/MIF" above the client listing area.  First, select the client in the list, then click submit.  The screen will change slightly and you should see something similar to this:


Here you have the choice to download all on-boarded employees, or only those that have been created since the last time you downloaded the file (pending).  To download the pending employees, click the word "Pending," wait for the page to refresh, then click "Download."

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