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Employee documents can be viewed or downloaded from within either HourDoc or OnBoarding.* (Note that within OnBoarding documents can be deleted.  Once deleted they cannot be retrieved!)

Viewing Documents

Login as a manager to either OnBoarding or HourDoc.

OnBoarding:  Click the employee's name in the listing and a pop-up window will appear with all available documents.



HourDoc:  Click Preferences > Personnel/Employees, and find the employee in the listing.  To the far right of the employee's name, you will see and "onboarding" button if that employee has completed/finalized the OnBoarding process.  Click this button and a pop-up window will appear with all available documents.



File Formats

In the document listing you will see three different formats available:

  1. icon_pdf.gif Portable Document Format (PDF) -- this is the original format.
  2. icon_tar.png Compressed file -- requires 7zip on a Windows PC; Mac or Linux can open this by default.
  3. icon_jpg.gif Quick Preview -- simply click to view the document.

Options 1 & 2 above will download a document, whereas Option 3 will show a quick preview of the document, allowing you to view it within your browser.  The latter is the quickest way to view documents.

*Note that due to document storage rules, the I-9 form will require you to enter your password before viewing or downloading.

Viewing Documents of Inactive/Terminated Employees

Inactive employees cannot be view from within OnBoarding, but you can do so via HourDoc. Go to Preferences > Personnel/Employees, click the "view in-active personnel" button, and you will see all in-active/terminated personnel. From there, you will see an OnBoarding button next to any employee who has completed the OnBoarding process. Clicking that, will show you a list of available documents.

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