I-9 Section 2 Job Start Date


The I-9 step 2 job start date is important for many reasons.  This date signifies when the employee was hired or when they were on boarded to the PEO.   Legally, the manager's signature needs be dated within 3 days of the job start date.  For this reason it is important that managers and HR advisors are very well up-to-date with the employees in their Pending I-9 queue.

I-9 Queue

Initial Hire Date vs. PEO Start Date

By default, OnBoarding uses the "initial hire date" to fill in the job start date (section 2) on Form I-9.  However, if a manager enters a PEO start date then this will be the date value used in the certification paragraph.  Note that the PEO start date should only be used for "mass onboardings" where all existing employees within a company are required to fill out new I-9s as part of their agreement with the PEO.  For existing companies, the initial hire date should be used.

Updating Hire Date or PEO Start Date

If an employee's hire date was entered wrong initially, this can be changed by editing the employee's profile.  If an employee needs a PEO start date value, that too can be added via the profile.  To edit an employee's profile, go to the Personnel List and click the edit icon to the right of the employee's name, as seen below:


Once on the edit profile page, scroll down to the Employment Settings area and edit the dates as necessary.  Keep in mind that when present, the PEO Start Date will always be used over initial hire date, so remove the value in PEO Start Date if not needed.



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