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onBoarding notifications are used to alert G&A employees and/or client managers as to the onBoarding activities of their employees.  There are notifications for each step in the process and a unique message can be sent with each one.  Additionally, you can choose which notifications are received by users.

How to Setup

Notifications are handled in the Root Admin area of HourDoc.  Click Clients > View Accounts and find the client name in the listing.  Click edit to the far right of the client name.



On the following screen, scroll down to the onBoarding Setup section and find the Notifications link.  Click it to open the notifications setup page.



In the Notifications setup page, you will see a notification for each onBoarding form. Find the appropriate form, and add any email addresses of people who wish to receive notifications.  Multiple email addresses can be separated with a comma. You can also add a custom message in the box to the right.  Be sure the right-most field shows "Enable."  Once you have made the necessary changes, click Submit at the bottom of the page.



Notifications are unique to each client, so email addresses and custom text you input for one client, will not be available to another client unless you enter them for the other client.  Generally speaking, only a few of the notifications are useful for G&A back office and client managers.  There aren't too many people who will want to be notified about each individual form that is filled out.  In the example above, the "Form I-9 (Step 2)" notification is used to notify G&A back office when an I-9 has been verified by the manager.  At that point, they can login to view the I-9 and run e-Verify.

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