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The onBoarding tool provided by allows for electronic creation of documents used in the hiring process and creates a storage system where the user can reference those documents from any computer connected to the internet.  The onBoarding tool is a complaint application that will allow the user a safe and secure method to submit personnel information online and extract that data a payroll application.


The onBoading tool provides some key features that greatly enhance a companies processes.  Listed below are some of the ways this tool can increase and allow better engagement with your new hires.

  • Easy to use interface
  • Step-by-step process of walking a manager through a new hire setup
  • Step-by-step process for taking an employee through all of the required documents for setup required by the organization
  • Documents that are updated on an annual basis if they are government related documents
  • A locked process that will not allow changes to a document after it has been submitted by the employee
  • Documents that are created / turned on for employees that are in specific geographical areas
  • Notifications sent to different people within an organization about new hires and progress in the new hire process
  • An automated process for approval of the I9 document keeping your organization in compliance
The onBoarding tool can be of value to any size organization.  Contact your HourDoc sales representative for more information.
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