Create/Update onBoarding Jobs and Benefit Groups

onBoarding Jobs and Benefit Groups

onBoarding jobs titles and benefit groups and their associated codes are critical for a successful import into HRP.  The codes need to match exactly what is in HRP.  To facilitate this, HourDoc can store a unique set of job titles/codes and benefit groups/codes for each client.  When a new client is setup, these should both be setup to ensure they can be selected when a client manager creates a new employee record.  

From the admin/root area, you can access both of these options by editing the client account.  In the onBoarding Setup section, click the appropriate link:



onBoarding Jobs



Benefit Groups



To add or update new codes (either jobs or benefit groups) simply add a new item or edit an existing one. To remove, simply delete the text from each cell in the row.  When adding or updating, be sure to enter the name in the first column and the exact HRP code in the second column. Once the codes have been added/updated/removed, scroll down and click "submit".  If you run out of rows, click submit and a new set of rows will appear when the page refreshes.

Now that the jobs and benefit groups have been entered, they will be available in the drop-down menus when creating a new employee in onBoarding.



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