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Last Update: 05/15/13

Activating the job module in HourDoc is completed by the setup of tiers and their relation to each other.


The Jobs/Phases module in HourDoc is activated by creating the length of tiers and the import names. HourDoc requires that a length be set for the import name so that the system knows how to export the information. Tiers are shown in the following example:

      1   Anderson Location
      2            Cleaning
      3                       Mopping
      4                                Waxing

Most companies utilize only two tiers. The export is limited to what you set in "Max Char Length". If the Job is Anderson Location, the export name could be al12341121. Please consult with your payroll provider to make sure that the import name correlates with the payroll data in their payroll system.

Please see the section on Jobs/Phases for further details:

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