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Last updated 04/05/2012


When setting up your Holidays for the first time, HourDoc comes with a default list of holidays. Select those that are applicable to you and hit the continue button.

This list is updated every year with new dates and days so that you do not have to worry about setting that data yourself.

Once you have selected the holidays, you need to finish the configuration of that holiday. Completing the paid hours and office status is important to make sure that the hours are paid correctly in your payroll.



If there is a custom holiday outside of the default list, under the one-time holiday and events, create a new holiday and setup the parameters that meet your needs. There can be infinite holidays for your account.

If choosing a fixed date or a custom date is your preference, the fixed date will always incur  on the that exact day, where the custom date is always that day of the week, but the date will vary.

The amount of hours that are paid is according to your company policy. This is set per holiday, and not on an individual employee basis.


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