Preferences - Day Off Accrual Rules Limiting Types of Day Off and PTO

Last Updated 04/20/2012

As a company, you may offer several types of days off.

Hourdoc provides a standard list that you may edit.


From the preferences menu, choose Day Off Accrual Rules, then click "Edit" under the Day Off Type Settings section on the right hand side.

A list of all day off types will be displayed.

To activate a certain type, click "Activate".

To in-activate a certain type, simply select the "Inactivate" button .

To activate a type that was previously in-active, select the "Activate" button.

The column “status” will show that type’s current status. After closing this window, only those items you wish to be displayed will be shown.

When selecting "Activate" under the "Lenght of service settings" column, a new section will appear in the Day Off Accrual Rules screen.

Click on the "Create new entry" button.

Here you can set up the length of service for this Day Off type.


When creating a new Day off entry you will see the newly adden PTO appear in the dropdown.

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