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Last Update: 05/15/13


HourDoc allows for locations and departments to be created. The hierarchy for HourDoc is that departments are associated to Locations.

Workgroups allow employees to span all three types. There is no limit to the amount of locations and departments that can be created.


Editing Locations

If you would like to edit the location, click on the "edit" button.

If you are done editing, click "submit Form".

Deleting Locations or Archiving Locations

If you wish to delete a location, click on the red "x" next to the location.


1) If you wish to archive a Location to use it at a later state, you can click on the "Archive" button. 2) To view all archived Locations, click on the "View Archived Locations" button.


Creating a new Location

Select the "Create New Location" button in the upper right hand corner.

Creating a new location requires that you fill out all of the fields with a gold bar. Hit the submit form button.




Edit Departments

If you would like to edit the department, click on the "edit" button.


NOTE: If you are setting up department with the department name the same as the department ID, please note that it is very important to enter the ID into the department ID field as well. Example:

Department Name - 1121

Department ID - 1121

We recommend to rather name the department unique from the ID to avoid confusion.

Deleting a Department

If you wish to delete a department, click on the red "x" next to the department.

Creating a new Department

Creating a new department allows it be assigned to any location in the account. You can copy this department to all locations in the company, if there are more than one.

You can also require any employee to select a job when tracking time, if they are assigned to this department.


NOTE: In the event that you need to alter a department, i.e. remove, you will need to associate all of the time entries of that department to the new department. If you do not change them, you will delete them, thus deleting all of the entries for your employees in that department. Please proceed with caution when changing departments.



Workgroups is a unique feature in HourDoc. Workgroups allow you to assign employees from any department or location, and bring them together for special projects. The workgroup has no impact on reporting for payroll. You can also allow a manager to manage a workgroup and see those employees' time. If you create a TimeTracker report, you can search by workgroup and see those hours in there. Once the workgroup is created, assign an employee to that workgroup by editing the preferences of that employee.

Creating a new Workgroup


 Edit Associations

Go to Preferences --> Personnel.

Click the "associations" button.

Click "Edit Association".

Choose the department and select the checkbox if that department should be the primary department.

You can also assign a workgroup to an employee.

Click "Submit Form".

Creating a new Association

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