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Last Updated 04/10/2012


Many employers have the need to track the hours that employees work to jobs. Jobs and phases allows the company to have a better grasp on the actual costs
that it spends on labor and services performed for its’ clients.




The setup of the Jobs/Phases module is activated from the Preferences --> General Account Info screen - it is located in the lower right hand corner. The max character length is tied to the import name that you would use if you were to import this data into your third party payroll software. The tiers that you see represent the hierarchy that you can use to establish which jobs are linked together and part of a subset of another job.


Tier 1  Anderson Location
Tier 2     Cleaning
Tier 3         Mopping
Tier 4              Waxing


Creating new Job/Phase

The creation of a Job/Phase is done by selecting the “create new entry” button in the upper right hand corner.
Your screen will look like one at the left. When you create a job, that job overwrites the general wage set for the employee. It is recommended that you create a job called “normal” or “regular” so that your employees can receive Holiday pay and vacation pay at a standard rate.



When you create a Job Name, this name is displayed through out the system, often referred to as a common name. The Import Name needs to be the name in which your third party software recognizes the Job Name, for reason of importing the file.

The Job ID field is used strictly for if you want your employees to track Jobs when they are using a clock, or other peripheral device. Please refer to our user manuals for clocks and other devices. When the employee clocks in, there will appear drop down menus.

The top is the list of jobs they are assigned to, and the bottom contains different departments they can choose. If they need to track a job that is new and not assigned, they can fill in the information in the “if new Job field”. This will automatically assign that employee to that job. Once that job is created, any employee can clock into that job if the manager goes to the job menu and edits the job and assigns it to all employees. Please see the clock section for additional information on jobs and clocks supported by HourDoc.



Editing Job/Phase

To edit a Job/Phase, click on the "edit" button.


Here you can change/edit info.


For information on how to setup and use Job/Phases for an employee, please click on the link below:



How To Setup And Use Job/Phases For An Employee

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    Evan Tierce

    Can you assign only certain job tiers to certain employees?  ie. If the job structure is 1) Cleaning, 2)Washing, 3) Waxing, can a user be restricted to only clock in to Waxing and not have the ability to clock directly in to Cleaning or Washing?  I see where you can assign jobs to users but it appears that by assigning a sub job you automatically assign the independent primary jobs as well.

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    Permanently deleted user

    The user would have to have access to the top two tiers to have access to Waxing.  But if you're describing a flat structure of three jobs, then yes, an employee could have access to only one of the three.

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