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Last Updated 04/19/2012


HourDoc provides a simple way to track skills for your company. Skills can be certifications, re-certifications, employee reviews and so on. They are setup to automatically notify the manager and employee of the upcoming expiration of the skill.

Create new Skill

Create a new skill by going to Preferences --> Skills and selecting the "create new skill" button.


Click "Submit Form" when done.

NOTE: If you want all primary managers and administrators to be informed about this skill at all times, select the "Notify all managers and administrator" checkbox.

Editing a Skill

Click the "Edit" button next to the skill you would like to edit.

If you change the name and the notification checkbox is selected, all managers will be informed about the change you made.


Add a skill to an employee

Go to Preferences --> Personnel. Select the employee that you wish to create a skill for. Select the "skills/cert." button to the right of the employee name.


Choose the Associate New Skill button.

A new window comes up and allows you to set all the parameters for the skill that you are assigning to the employee.

Setting the expiration date

When you set the expiration date for this skill you can choose to alert managers and/or personnel when approaching expiration. The notification will be sent to Primary managers and there is a textbox which you can enter additional managers email addresses who need to be notified. After setting the expiration date you can choose to send an alert within a specific number of days before expiration.

This will start the notification process and allow the employee and primary manager to know when they need to review their certifications / skill.



Click "Submit Form".

Note: Be aware that if you are using a physical time clock, and if the employee’s email address is wrong, those notifications will not be delivered.

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