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Last Update: 05/16/13


If you have given your employees managerial access, you can set permissions and abilities in this section.
There are two types of managers, Super Managers and Managers with permissions.


Edit Permissions

If you gave an employee managers access, you will find them listed on this screen, select the edit permissions button to configure each process that you want them to have.

If you opt to give the employee Super Manager access, they will have access to every feature of the system, and the menu at right will not appear. If you choose the Manager selection, the menu at the right will allow you to choose specific functions and roles you need that manager to perform. Please choose the selections carefully as these fields will allow access to critical areas of information. For example, if you select view employees earnings, that information will appear in all reports and payrolls.



  • Receive Day Off Requests email - Give the manager the permission to receive day off request emails.
  • Is Supervisor - You can setup the manager as a supervisor.
  • Receive email in HTML format - Receives all HourDoc related emails in an HTML format.
  • Manage OnBoarding - If your company has selected the OnBoarding module, this option will give this manager access to manage OnBoarding.
  • Skip personal verification through OnBoarding - Selecting this will enable the manager to skip the OnBoarding process.
  • Allow OnBoarding document deletions - This enables the manager is allowed to delete documents of employees in OnBoarding.
  • Copy Permissions - This allows you to set up multiple managers with the same permissions.


Super Manager


Create New Manager


Assign Manager

When you create a manager, you need to assign the departments they are responsible for. Managers can be assigned to more than one department.

NOTE: Super Managers have access to ALL departments and locations.

Click the "manage Department assignments" button.

Then click the "Assign New Location/Department Association" button.

You can multi-select departments by pressing down and holding "Ctrl" key while clicking on the selected departments.


For more information on Managers, go to the "Solutions Tips & Tricks" forum, or follow this link:

Managers with Limited Personnel Access



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