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Creating a new Employee

Edit an Employee

Deleting an Employee

Re-activating an in-active Employee

Assign Rights and Privileges


Eligible To Earn Days Off

Override Settings




When you select Personnel from the drop down menu, a sorting configuration is at the top of the page. You can search the last name by simply selecting the bold colored letters. If they are greyed, there are no employees beginning with that letter. The search box will allow you to search by first and last name.


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Creating a new Employee:

To create a new employee, select the Create New Personnel button on the upper right hand corner.

Fill out all of the information for that employee and give a username and password. All fields marked with a gold bar are required. 

General Settings:

Login Settings:

If this employee is to have managers access, select the box under the Login Settings. This will allow the employee to have single login for employee and manager functions.

Day Off Settings:

These settings allow the managers to set overall parameters for the employees day off requests.

Employment Settings:

Complete the setup of an employee by filling in Hire Dates and other information that you need. HourDoc does not need Social Security numbers in the system. That is for payroll purposes only.

Time Tracking Settings:

Time Tracking settings covers a wide range of time tracking options available for your account.  These settings all apply to the account as a whole and not to an individual employee, location, or department.

Scheduler Settings:

Allows the user to swap shifts and whether these require approval from their manager. 

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Edit an Employee:

To edit an employee’s information, find the employee from the list, and select by clicking on the name. Your cursor will change when it mouses over the persons name. If the employee is tracking jobs, you will notice that the wage button is missing ,and the Job/phases button is there. This happens because all wages are now tied to a job. To change the wage when Jobs are enabled, select the jobs/phases button. Please see the JOBS and PHASES section for more information.

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Deleting and Employee:

The HourDoc system needs to keep track of any records that are associated with the user.

For this reason you won't be able to delete an employee, but you can change the employee's status to In-active.

To in-activate an employee, simply click on the red "X" in the employee row. This will automatically change the employee's status to "In-Active".

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Re-activating an in-active Employee:

You can re-activate an employee by changing his/her status to active.

Firstly toggle your employee list to view the inactive employees.

Click on "view In-Active personnel".

Then click on the employee's name.

Change his/her status from In-active to Active.

Click on "Submit Form".

Note: Be sure to toggle your view back to active employees when you are done.

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Assign Rights and Privileges:

Assign employee rights and privileges by selecting all of the fields that you wish to apply to the new employee.

If the TimeTracker feature is not selected, the employee will be unable to clock in.
This is always checked by default.

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Set a Primary Department

One of the most critical steps when creating a new employee is to ensure that when you create an association, make sure that the primary department button is selected. If not, there are many features in the system that will not function. Overtime and Holiday pay will only calculate if that field is selected.

If a primary department is not set the system does not include days off in the payroll file. The payroll section will clue you into this behavior.

When you click "edit/manage" under the days off hours, you will see a window that lists all days off requested. If you are not viewing the employee's primary dept. or if the employee does not have a primary department you see a notice that says "Please Read."

Click "associations" on the employee's row.

Click "edit association".

Select the department you wish to set as a Primary Department.

Select the "Check if Primary Department" checkbox.

Click "Submit Form".

NOTE: If Holidays or Days Off do not show up in payroll, the most likely cause is that the user is not setup with a "Primary Department."


Archiving an Department Association:

When selecting to archive a department, please note the warning that is presented.



Create a New Department Association

Employees can have multiple department associations. To add a new association click on the employees association button and click "create new association." Choose the new department the employee will be associated to and if appropriate mark the primary department checkbox.  Click submit to add the new association.


Edit/Update Employment Associations

Employment associations determine the employee's wage type (hourly/salary and exempt/non-exempt), start date (or initial hire date), full/part time status, and wage rate.  These settings can all be access through the employment button next to an employee's name in the personnel listing:

Clicking on "employment" brings you to the Employment History page.  From here, you can either input a new employment record, or edit an existing one:

If, for example, we simply want to change the employee's status from "Salary" to "Hourly" we could edit the existing association.  This assumes we don't care about keeping a history for HR records.  (NOTE: If you need to maintain historical records, it is important you always use the "Input New History" button, pictured above.) When you click edit, you are brought to the page where you can edit the various details of an employee's employment record.  In this example, we simply want to change the employee to "Salary" status.  Click the first drop down next to "Wage Type" and select Salary, then click submit.

Please refer to the article link below for additional information regarding Updating Base Pay Rates.

Update to Base Pay Rates & Job Costing Wages

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Eligible To Earn Days Off:

Click on the "Employment" button next to the employees name.

Check the Eligible to earn days off? checkbox.

Click "Submit Form".


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Override Settings:

All the settings in this section are employee-level overrides and apply only to the employee selected. If these settings are left blank, the system will use the settings from the Main Account settings that will apply on all employees.

  • Limit Day off Type - Use this to limit what day off types a user is able to select in requests
  • Exclude from day off accrual - Use this to keep an employee from accruing certain day off types.  For example if one employee is not eligible to accrue "floating holiday" or another type.
  • When does this personnel begin accruing days off - there are 3 options:
  1. Days of Employment          
  2. Hours Worked
  3. Hire Date
  • Vacation/PTO - You can choose between Immediatly or From Hire Date. 
  • Max available hours that may carry over - If left blank, the systems will assume that there are no maximum carry over hours
  • Day off accrual carry over date is based upon - Choose between General Date that allows you to enter a date manually, or Personnel Anniversary Date.
  • Vacation/PTO Settings - Will be prompted with the screen below if you select "Create New Entry".
  • Sick Time Settings - Will be prompted with the screen below if you select "Create New Entry".
  • Annual Holiday/Event - Will be prompted with the screen below if you select "Create New Entry".
  • One-Time Only Holiday/Event - Will be prompted with the screen below if you select "Create New Entry".

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