Payroll - Department View and Time Entries

Last Updated: 05/15/13

After selecting the view payroll data from the overview screen, you can choose any department that you would like to review. Within each department is a listing of all of the employees associated to that department.

When you click on the "View data" button next to the selected location/department, this will show you all the regular hours + holiday hours + overtime hours + PTO hours for the employee. 1) You can submit overrides in the white boxes under each field, this has been set in place for "Quick Overrides" that needs to made for an employee. 2) Next to the employee's name, on the right hand side you will find a "View Times" button. This allows you to view all the time entries + days off taken + holidays and holidays worked.


When you click on the "View Times" button, it opens up a pop-up window. If one employee is assigned to multiple departments, all their hours for the pay period will show up in this window, but notice there are time entries displayed in black and in blue. 1) The time entries that are displayed in black are time entries the employee worked in the location/department you are viewing in payroll. 2) The time entries that are displayed in blue are time entries that the employee worked in his/her other assigned department/departments. The location/department name will be displayed beneath the time entry. 3) a Summery of ALL the hours for this employee will be displayed here and this will also be broken down into these categories: Overtime, Double Time, Holiday, Holiday Worked and Days Off . 4) At the bottom of the page, the total REGULAR hours for the employee will be displayed.


Next to each time entry there is an "Edit" button. Here you can edit each time entry if needed. 2) At the top of the page there is a "Create new entry" button that allows you to create a new time entry for the employee if the employee is missing a time entry of if you wish to enter time for any other reason. 3) You have the option to export these time entries into an excel file. 4) Click on the "close window" button to go back to the payroll screen.


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