Payroll - Commission

There are two ways for entering commission pay into HourDoc. The first is to choose the date on which the commission occurred and create an expense, then associate it to that time entry (please see page 9 for more details). Back in the payroll screen, HourDoc will update the amount owed and create a set of calculations that will help determine the way to properly pay commissioned employees.


1) You can either choose edit an time entry. 2) you can choose to create an new entry.


There is not a big deference between creating a new time entry and  editing one. The deference is that you will need to choose the date that the employee has worked, double check that the correct department was selected and job/phase, enter a break (if need be) and then enter the expense 


The next screenshot will show you the screens when editing a time entry.


Once you have entered the commission, click on the "Submit" button to add the commission to the time entry.




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